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[ By documenting every step from mining to sale, the history of the diamond becomes transparent and accessible through the blockchain. ]



CyberOrigin is a Swiss company aiming at securing the traceability and origin of products, in order to guarantee that they correspond to essential values of today’s world, such as ethics, transparency, origin, quality or purity.

To achieve this, CyberOrigin collects the necessary traceability information, documents it and monitors it.

If CyberOrigin first successfully applied this procedure to diamonds and gemstones, the choice today is to make it benefit all domains and all fields of application. Using blockchain technology, CyberOrigin is able to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of all information.

To contribute to the improvement of trade

// Revolutionizing the industry

CyberOrigin’s ultimate goal is to ensure access to the complete history of the production cycle of each product and thus contribute to the improvement of businesses.
By documenting information from creation to sales process and quality standards, the history of the product becomes transparent, accessible and unfalsifiable thanks to the blockchain.

The benefits of CyberOrigin

// Guaranteeing purity, transparency and trust for customers across the history of the diamond

Nowadays, customers are increasingly concerned about the manufacturing conditions and the origin of the products they consume, to the point of becoming a primary criterion.
As a CyberOrigin user, you can access data that provides a complete view of the product and guarantees its certification. It is possible to inspect its entire life cycle without having to go through a third party verification.

Guaranteeing purity, transparency and trust for customers.


// The new digital revolution

Blockchain technology, which has existed since 2008, is a record of transactions maintained and updated simultaneously on millions of computers. Contributors to the transaction use cryptographic techniques to authenticate it. Other contributors, called miners or validators, verify the record before adding it to the record. This process ensures the authenticity and veracity of the information.

The information inside the record cannot be falsified and is accessible to everyone.

Once created, a blockchain is only an expression of the rules established for its application. No one can alter the information recorded in the blockchain, not even geopolitical or financial power. Its decentralized architecture is well suited for interpersonal and global use.
Transactions on the blockchain are linked in such a way that it is impossible to modify previous records without invalidating the entire chain.

Obtain the history of each product in the form of a blockchain.

Get full access to information including all key documents of the different operations (provenance, origin, production, certification, etc.).
Nowadays, this information is usually documented in an unclear or incomplete way, which makes it difficult to track the production steps and to connect the actors. CyberOrigin has already put in place the mechanisms that allow users to display their data in a transparent way to their customers.


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